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Sheldon Tyschuk established I Do Exteriors in January 2006, primarily functioning as a sub-contractor for other siding companies and doing the odd private job. After six years of mastering his craft in exterior work, Sheldon decided to work directly with custom home builders and homeowners. He did this he says, “because I enjoy making each customer’s vision come to life and love to see the pleased look on their faces every time I complete a project. I don’t want to be some anonymous tradesman working in the background.”

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Rather than operate as a blandly named, numbered company, Sheldon had to come up with a good moniker—and he wanted one that aligned with his personal and business values that include commitment. He says, “My wife and I were driving home one day from a trip to Calgary, when we started brainstorming some ideas. We came up with I Do Exteriors as the “I Do” comes from the “commitment” we bring to every customer’s project and with a warranty we stand by for as long as you own your home.”

Sheldon goes on to say, “As I have been to my wife all of these years, I’m fully committed to making sure each job is done properly and thoroughly, even if it takes longer to achieve. I know that when it’s complete, it will be worth the extra time put into the detail. I love the process of remodeling the exterior of a home and giving it a curb appeal that homeowners can be proud of.”


While it might sound like a cliché, Sheldon and his team sides every home as if it were their own. He was was taught from an early age that being proud of good workmanship was better than being average and that mandate is trained into every I Do Exteriors crew member. Says Sheldon, “We know that how important it is to protect what’s inside your home by having a weather tight and great looking exterior.”

Please check out the evidence of our good work, ability to problem-solve, and creativity in conceiving and crafting one-of-a-kind building projects that make our clients very happy. We have before-and-after photos and testimonials throughout our website and are happy to send you to past clients for referrals.

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